Y/Project x Diemme tricolor new shoe models released

Popular fashion brand Y/Project and outdoor footwear pioneer brand Diemme launched a collaborative shoe model at the Y/Project new product show a few months ago. The two iconic outdoor hiking boots, “Civetta” and “Grappa”, were added a shoe cover with Y/Project deconstructivism characteristics. With hiking buckles in four different positions on the side of the shoe, the shoe cover can be freely fixed into different shapes. The cooperative shoe series attracted a lot of attention when it appeared on the show, and this time, the two also launched three new color schemes for the shoe series. The overall design and shoe type selection are consistent with the show models. They are still rough outdoor off-road soles and eye-catching large shoe covers. The colors have been changed to a black shoe body with a beige shoe cover, and a lime gray insole with black and haze blue shoe covers.

Compared to the colorful shoe covers, sand color and solid black models on the model show, the three new pairs of shoes have a more layered contrast in color selection, but they are not too assertive. They are more practical, more adaptable, and have a wider range of style adaptability. Coupled with the high quality of Italian handmade shoe craftsmanship, I’m sure many friends will like it.

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