Y-3 officially announced the launch of a joint series with Palace

As the final chapter of the Y-3 “20 Years: Recorded” 20th-anniversary event, Y-3 launched a joint footwear and accessories series created in collaboration with Palace. London street brand Palace interprets classic styles from the Y-3 brand profile in its unique design language, setting off a new wave of fashion.

The co-branded collection combines classic Y-3 design elements and is full of distinctive brand styles. The main apparel includes a double-sided commemorative jacket, a double-sided puffy down jacket, a printed soccer t-shirt, a custom sports top and sweatpants, a nylon wool blend coach jacket and matching sweatpants, and a soft-textured tailored blazer and matching trousers. New accessories feature adjustable details and bold prints, including foldable running hats, running knit hats, skull-print knit hats, crossbody bags, and fisherman hats.

Additionally, the collection includes three classic Y-3 YUUTO co-branded sneakers. With a textile upper with a rubber closure, a hidden internal lacing system, and an AdiPrene sole, the design is instantly recognizable; the Palace and Y-3 branded joint logo details add the finishing touch. The

two brands jointly launched a blockbuster advertising film for the joint series, expressing Y-3’s rebellious brand spirit and Palace’s cynical attitude. London-based photographer Jack Davison (Jack Davison) was invited to take the lead, and fashion stylist Robbie Spencer (Robbie Spencer) took on the role of fashion stylist Robbie Spencer (Robbie Spencer). The visual presentation of the blockbuster series is vibrant and aims to retrace the glory of the past and pay homage to Adidas’s sporting tradition. Football superstar Zinedine Zidane (Zinedine Zidane) and skateboarding legend Lucas Puig (Lucas Puig) performed a co-branded series. A short film was released at the same time, showing the two people having a friendly conversation and giving the audience unlimited inspiration. The

Y-3 x Palace 2022 Autumn/Winter Joint Collection will be launched on the CONFIRMED APP on November 12, 2022. Please download the CONFIRMED APP in advance for online sales information.

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