Workwear combined with street wear! Sup x Dickies’s latest joint debut!

Although Supreme is not as popular as it was a few years ago as a big brother brand in the trendsetter, “Everything is Supreme” still knows how to catch the attention of trendy players.

Some time ago, they also launched the Supreme x The North Face joint product series, which hit the hearts of many players in one fell swoop with their high looks.

▼ Supreme x The North


soon, Supreme also teamed up with century-old tooling brand Dickies to launch a blockbuster joint product.

This joint collection includes items such as corduroy jackets, long-sleeved sweaters, work pants and baseball caps, and combines the two brands’ most unique styles into one, making the look particularly flattering.

Among the many products, there is nothing more worth mentioning than the corduroy jacket. The entire garment is made of corduroy material, and the Supreme and Dickies logos are embellished on the left and right sides of the chest, respectively, to show honor A joint identity.

In addition to its excellent texture, it also comes in four colors: white, blue, black, and khaki, which can satisfy all, whether it is a retro look or street wear.

Second, there is also a pair of corduroy strappy trousers, which shows off Dickies’ own strong tooling temperament.

Currently, the new Supreme x Dickies 2022 fall co-branded series has officially debuted today, so interested friends may wish to pay more attention.

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