When it comes up, it’s a “no-wear” color scheme! AJ1’s new shoe style is a bit cool!

As one of the most popular shoe models in the Jordan Brand family, Air Jordan 1 has a number of derivative versions.

Among them, the FlyEase version, which was launched for disabled athletes, has won the love of many ordinary players because of its easier to put on and take off experience.

Recently, two new color schemes, Air Jordan 1 FlyEase, were unveiled. One pair is a Lakers costume, and the other is a classic “no-wear” color scheme.

Let’s take a look at the first pair. Judging from the shoe shape, the Air Jordan 1 high-top version is used. The color scheme is black and red contrasting, showing the classic “no wear” theme.

In terms of material, it is covered with full leather, and has a good texture performance.

You can see that the shoelace system is fixed. The opening and closing is completed with velcro on the side of the shoe, and the upper is also supported by velcro, which further enhances the wrapping of the foot.

What’s special is that a zipper system has been added to the inside of the shoe, making it easier for the wearer to put on and take off with one hand.

The other pair is a purple gold color scheme, creating a Lakers theme. The materials and design are consistent with the previous model.

It is reported that the two new Air Jordan 1 FlyEase models will debut this year. The sale price is $150 US dollars. Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we will also be there for the first time Everyone reports.

Air Jordan 1 FlyEase“ Bred”
Item Number
: CQ3835-060 Sale Date:
2022 Sale Price: $150

Air Jordan 1 FlyEase“ Lakers”
No.: CQ3835-517
Sale date: 2022
Sale price: $150

Pic via: mr_unloved1s

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