“Voodoo Doll” Zion Air Jordan 1 PE is on sale soon! Release date confirmed!

Jordan Brand has continued to launch PE footwear models for contracted players in recent years, and many of them are commercially available.

Recently, Air Jordan 1 Low PE, a· voodoo doll specially made for Zion Williamson, was highly anticipated by many players.

Recently, the release date of this shoe was finally decided.

The shoe body is made of suede and thick cloth, and is stitched in a variety of colors, showing a visual effect similar to a handmade voodoo doll.

The insole embellishments also reflect this theme. Multiple stitching seams are presented with thick stitching, highlighting the handmade texture.

There is also a skull-shaped patch and button embellishment on the outside of the heel, highlighting the voodoo doll theme.

The toe cap does not have traditional ventilation holes, but is embellished with cross stitching. The Mini Swoosh on the outside of the toe has a reverse hook design, showing individuality everywhere.

Recently, it was confirmed overseas that it will go on sale on Nike’s official website on November 8.

There is no domestic sales information yet. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 1 Low OG“ Voodoo”
Item Number: DZ7292-200
Sale Date: November
8 Sale Price: $170

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