Use oversized carbon plates for outdoor shoes! Salomon’s new co-brand was the first to open the box!

Salomon was born in France in 1947 as one of the most popular outdoor sports brands today.

Product design has always been committed to pursuing innovation and product performance limits, and is loved by many shoe fans.

With the rise of retro outdoor style, Salomon, who focuses on outdoor functions, is loved by more and more sneaker players.

Recently, Salomon once again teamed up with Italian functional fashion brand GR10K to create a new co-branded shoe series.

Xiaobian brought a real shot out of the box today. The ultimate mountainous outdoor style combined with fashion trend attributes simply makes people want to stop.  
▼ Xiaobian unpacked the box and took a real shot
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whole pair of shoes Modeled after the design, the classic Salomon Quest tactical boot comes in a combination of black and brown, full of outdoor style.

The upper is made of high-quality leather and mesh cloth, bringing a great sense of visual hierarchy.

The Salomon Logo area on the heel was changed to a black ghost pattern to pay homage to the Grunge culture of the 90s.

The laces are decorated with a light gray drawstring, embellished with a red string, so you can wear them off or adjust the tightness at any time outdoors, and the design is very unique.

The back of the midsole is surrounded by a carbon fiber stabilizer, providing stable support and locking for footsteps during outdoor sports.

The sole is decorated in dark brown, the usual color scheme of GR10K, and uses Salomon’s proud Contagrip stabilization system and the exclusive 4D Advanced The Chassis is™ built with a premium sole that provides excellent traction.

Currently, the brand new GR10K x Salomon Quest Low is now on sale. The official price is ¥1,498 yuan, and the market price is around ¥1,700 (42.5 yards). I like it Friends can pay more attention!

2385360cookie-checkUse oversized carbon plates for outdoor shoes! Salomon’s new co-brand was the first to open the box!

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