Timberland for RHC Ron Herman footwear released

Recently, the timberland for RHC Ron Herman classic Oxford boots shoe model was released. This collaboration model maintains the features and specifications of the brand’s iconic 6-inch premium boot while being updated to a low-cut design that’s easy to wear even in the city. In addition to the nubuck leather upper with a waterproof surface, the world’s first self-developed EVA is fully bonded to the outsole; the pinholes are also completely waterproof by applying waterproof tape from the back. The design, including the accessories, is all finished in black, and the details of the nubuck upper and ankle pads, which were originally made of different materials, are unified in nubuck leather. Furthermore, by removing the brand logo from the tongue, it creates a stylish RHC shoe model with a mature feel. It is reported that the cooperative shoe model is now on Ron Herman’s official website. Interested friends may wish to buy them.

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