Thom Browne officially unveils 2022 rugby series

Continuing a tradition from 2014, Thom Browne is adding olives this year The venue for the ball game is scheduled to be at the University of Notre Dame. The grey and navy blue team competition held at his alma mater’s South Academy, celebrating the party and college culture, remains at the heart of Thom’s creativity. This year, Notre Dame students played the roles of players, spectators, and cheerleaders. The 2022 Rugby Series combines classic varsity elements with modern American style in shades of grey, white and khaki. Iconic items of the brand include lapel jackets, jacket with patch pockets, pleated skirts, striped rugby polo shirts, high-top canvas sneakers, and strappy shorts. The brand’s signature jacket combines traditional designs such as raglan sleeves with iconic 4-stripe elements. Cashmere knitwear, long pants, down parkas, and comfortable gloves, tailored for the fall and winter sports seasons. Children and pets who are spectators are all wearing the same series of jackets.

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