The next generation of hot shoes? Brand new New Balance 990v6 out of the box!

In the past two years, along with the popularity of retro style, many brands have launched their own retro shoe models. Among them, the most popular brand is New Balance. There are countless classic shoe types, and every pair can cause a huge rush to buy.

As New Balance’s most flagship shoe model, the 990 series has a history of 40 years. Since the first generation was released, the popularity of the 990 series has remained high, and it has been highly sought after by many fans.

Recently, after a lapse of three years, New Balance launched the new New Balance 990v6.

Xiaobian brought out the box, and the whole thing is very classic and versatile.
▼ Xiaobian unpacked the box and took a real shot
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whole pair of shoes New Balance’s classic gray color is the main theme, which exudes a strong retro atmosphere.

The upper is made of mesh fabric and suede stitching, and is matched with a reflective“ N” letter on the side of the shoe, bringing a great sense of visual hierarchy.

The 990v6 lettering is printed on the tongue and heel, which highlights the identity of the shoe.

The midsole uses FuelCell high-performance midsole configuration. The thickness has increased compared to previous generations, greatly improving wearing comfort.

The heel is printed on“ the heel” representing America’s top running shoes.

The white midsole is paired with a black and grey outsole to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes.

The choice of shoes is very low-key and restrained in terms of color, and they are excellent because they hardly require much thought on the foot.

The upper body of Xiaobian is a pair of plain black trousers, which are low-key and have a sense of design. The overall shape is quite capable, and the overall shoes are very light and very comfortable to wear.

Currently, New Balance 990v6 is now on sale, and will be released one after another on the New Balance official website, New Balance Tmall flagship store, boutiques, etc. The price is $1999.

Currently, the market price is RMB 21xx yuan (42.5 yards) slightly higher than the original price, so interested friends can pay more attention!

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