The latest Fall-Winter 2022 collection of GR10K is officially on HBX

The Italian functional fashion brand GR10K, which was interviewed by Hypebeast last year, recently officially released a brand new one after launching a joint ride with Salomon in the middle of the month A special look for the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. The team behind the brand brings together members from different fields such as photography, architectural design, industrial design, etc., to present functional fashion from different angles. At the core of the GR10K is functional design, which comes from brand founder Anna Grassi and her family’s business.
Anna Grassi, who originally worked in the media, returned in 2013 to Alfredo Grassi SPA, founded by her grandfather. It is a clothing manufacturer founded as early as 1925 and specializes in workwear and personal protective equipment. Therefore, there are many deadstock clothing, fabrics, or samples in the company. Once Anna Grassi had a whim to reprint a pair of cargo pants model “10000,” which became an opportunity for her to found GR10K.
The brand continues its signature functional fabrics, contrasting elements, and layered combinations for fall and winter 2022. Using fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Kevlar, and Schoeller-Dynamic, the brand has created a new line with a variety of colors and item types, including vest jackets, windbreakers, shirts, etc. that are easy to layer and match. GR10K Some new fall and winter products have officially been listed on HBX, so if you are interested, you can go buy them.

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