The first launch is limited to China! Did you go for the offline sale of the Three Ball Second Generation?

“Three Goals” Ramelo· Bauer, who debuted at the peak of her debut, officially welcomed her second generation personal signature boot—— PUMA MB.02 last month.

As soon as the first color scheme for the Greater China region came up, it was limited to China. PUMA teamed up with the NBA’s Tianjin flagship store to host the MB.02 Suzaku offline launch event for the “Four Spirits of Heaven” series.

PUMA invited Lu Hongde, one of the founders of DEAL COLOR, DEE, PUMA sports performance basketball and soccer product line manager, and Migoo NBA host Xiao Taiyang to the event and cross-media Artist Zhu Jingyi made an online connection to discuss the design inspiration for the MB.02 Suzaku special edition of the “Four Spirits of Heaven” series and the important cultural significance behind it.

In terms of design inspiration, the MB.02 design was modeled after Suzaku, one of the four mythical beasts of ancient China, representing the image of MB.02, the mythical beast that symbolizes vigor and vitality in Chinese culture.

Lamello· Bauer’s signature personal logo flame pattern is engraved on both sides of the midsole.

The upper part continues the first generation of breathable single mesh fabric, red with a gold hot melt layer, also inspired by the feather shape of Lamello· Bauer’s personal logo.

The details on the tongue are very special. PUMA specially invited cross-media artist Zhu Jingyi to design the pattern. They“ combined the characters” Suzaku with the mythical beast totem to create an art work that resembles ancient hieroglyphics, and blends it into the“ style of the Han Dynasty’s” Four Divine Patterns Wadang.

PUMA’s most recognizable runway logo is made of TPU, which blends in with the flame pattern on the side of the shoe.

The flame-cut midsole contains PUMA Nitro Foam technology, which guarantees strong cushioning feedback and response.

At the event, PUMA also showed the players attending the event the MB.02 Suzaku doll with Ramello· Bauer brought by PUMA’s collaboration with the sports trendy brand Ace Avatar.

The doll will be officially released soon. Following the release of the new color scheme of PUMA MB.02, more themed colors will also be introduced. If you like it, you may wish to pay more attention to the official Ace Avatar information.

On the day of the event, a limited lottery of MB.02 Suzaku and RISE NITRO blue dragon shoes from the “Four Spirits of Heaven” series was held.

Currently, it is also officially on sale, so if you are interested, please visit PUMA’s official channel to get started.

We will continue to pay attention to more sneaker information and bring you the latest reports as soon as possible.

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