The Addy “Halloween” series is finally here! Strange atmosphere filled up!

Every year in October, major brands scramble to launch Halloween-themed shoes, which have attracted the attention of many players due to their outstanding recognition.

Recently, Adi brought two new color combinations, Hyperturf, inspired by traditional Mexican dishes.

Let’s take a look at the first pair. The overall color is dark brown, with many details such as stitching and hand painting, which enrich the sense of hierarchy of the shoe body.

The toe and heel are embellished with 3M reflective material to improve visibility in dark light.

The other pair has a sweeter visual effect, using pink as the main color, and the material is made of leather and fabric.

The heel part is embroidered with a delicate butterfly pattern, showing off the fun side.

The biggest highlight is that the body conceals the luminous properties, especially the cobweb pattern on the heel, which brings a unique and bizarre atmosphere.

Currently, it is sold on overseas platforms, and the sale price is about¥ 1,200 yuan. Interested players may wish to click the link below to get started.

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