Sudden! Adidas will end collaboration with Kanye West!

 News from  Bloomberg Bloomberg a few minutes ago said that adidas will announce the end of its partnership with Kanye West as soon as Tuesday.
▼  Bloomberg  reports

due to the recent Many of Kanye West’s remarks sparked intense controversy, and partner brands, including GAP and Balenciaga, have drawn a clear line with him to avoid being dragged down by the negative public opinion he caused.

In an interview, he said, ““I can say anti-semitic (anti-semitic) things and  adidas can ‘t drop me”, which means he can speak freely, and adidas can’t do without him.

As soon as this remark came out, it also sparked further fermentation of online public opinion. Many netizens asked the Adidas brand to express its attitude towards this.
 ▼ In this interview, Kanye made the above remarks

Adidas and Kanye West The cooperation is the closest. According to Wall Street analysts’ estimates, the Yeezy product line accounts for around 8% of the total sales of the Adidas brand.

Recently, Kanye West’s collaboration with adidas has not been smooth either. Kanye has attacked the brand many times on social networks, and the brand CEO has also repeatedly targeted it.

The European and American regions have just ushered in Tuesday. I believe there will be an official announcement from adidas soon as possible, so we will be watching closely.

And where will the “adidas Yeezy by Kanye West” series go is probably also a core question that needs to be answered urgently.

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