Stone Island Fall-Winter 2022 footwear collection is now on sale

In the footwear field R&D process, Stone Island chose a subculture close to the brand as a reference, and implanted the cultural symbols in the sneaker design. Among the three pairs of original brand shoes brought this season, they are inspired by subcultures such as English rock and roll, English rap (Grime), and English football, and pay homage to them.

The first pair of styles is based on 70s military training shoes, with high-quality suede and stitching, to pay homage to the glorious era of English rock and roll. The second pair uses a lot of visual elements of soccer shoes. The metal ripstop nylon upper is matched with suede, combined with industrial brushed rubber and embossed treatment. The last pair of styles imitates footwear designs common in English rap. The man-made fiber upper is combined with a military toe cap and tactical outsole to create a unique cultural appeal. All three shoes are infused with Stone Island’s signature design and exquisite craftsmanship, making them the first choice for discerning youth. Currently, the series has been listed on the brand’s official website, so pre-order quickly.

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