Step into RIMOWA’s new Shanghai limited-time exhibition “The Realm of Craft”

RIMOWA, which is committed to pursuing the ultimate beauty of craftsmanship, recently held a new exhibition called “Ingenieurskunst (German for the beauty of craftsmanship)” in Shanghai to show the brand’s exquisite technical craftsmanship. This exhibition presents the legendary past and continuous development of this German brand, taking the audience through the exhibition space and taking a look at the history of the brand from its establishment in 1898 to the present. The oldest exhibit dates back to 1947. In addition, the brand has also set up a special exhibition space for modern works, and interactive exhibition installations display the brand’s core products on a conveyor belt.
To pay tribute to the engineers and craftsmen who create RIMOWA products, RIMOWA made the product production process another major theme of this exhibition, focusing on every stage of production of the brand’s aluminum-magnesium alloy product line. From the cutting and opening of aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, to the formation of RIMOWA’s classic groove design, to the final assembly and molding of a suitcase, a video records the process of forming a beloved RIMOWA product by a pair of skilled hands. Viewers can also see how the parts of each RIMOWA suitcase are assembled in another corner where the manufacturing process of RIMOWA is revealed.
It is reported that the exhibition will be held from October 24 to November 6 in Taikoo Li Central Park East, Qiantan, Shanghai. Interested friends should not miss it.

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