SoleFly x AJ’s new joint name is here again! Or the “North Carolina” color scheme!

SoleFly, a Miami sneaker store that was born in 2010, has always had a good relationship with Jordan, so SoleFly also has a particularly close relationship with Jordan Brand, and the joint name of the two sides has always been quite close The face value.

Recently, SoleFly once again teamed up with Jordan Brand to launch a new co-branded color scheme based on Air Jordan 13 and released the official image.

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entire pair of houseofheat
shoes is presented in a large area of North Carolina blue, complemented by gray and beige accents, both It guarantees a sense of hierarchy and expresses its identity as a “North Carolina Blue” color scheme.

The upper is covered with suede and fabric, bringing a fresh design while also improving the functionality of the shoe model.

The left and right tongues each have the Jumpman logo and SoleFly logo, showing off their joint identity.

The lining has delicate wavy dark lines, which echo the animal pattern on the insole.

The heel is embellished with the traditional cat eye of Air Jordan 13, and ends with a raw rubber outsole to complete the overall design.

The color scheme of the shoe box is also blue and khaki and the SoleFly logo is printed directly above, further interpreting the collective identity.

Currently, the brand new SoleFly x Air Jordan 13 may go on sale at the end of the year or early next year. Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we will report to you as soon as possible.

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