Sold as a blind box! The HUF x Dunk SB design is full of surprises!

To mark the brand’s 20th anniversary, American skateboarding brand HUF teamed up with Nike to create Dunk SB shoes again this year.

Recently, the joint brand was first sold at the HUF store, and then the manager read about the shoe design.

First of all, the sales method this time is unusual. It uses a blind box format, which includes two known color schemes and one hidden color scheme.

The bag inside the shoebox is a disposable design and cannot be restored once opened.

This time, we chose the most classic OG Dunk SB design, which can only be used by brands that have worked with Nike for many years.

The toe cap has a small Jewel Swoosh on the HUF lettering, but it’s not the usual transparent jelly texture, but the chrome plated metal texture.

The skyline graffiti on the back is made of a special material, which has both an embossed texture and a dazzling reflective effect.

It is reported that the shoe body also has a hidden double upper design. If you scrape off the surface leather, you can see the tie-dye fabric.

Currently, it is only available in HUF stores, and there is no domestic release news. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest news as soon as possible.

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