Shoering carnival! Did you win “Chicago AJ1”? Netizens: No me per capita?

At 0:00 today, the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1, which has been awaited for a long time by the global shoe industry, was finally on sale on multiple platforms at the same time. I wonder if everyone started at the original price?

Although many of Xiaobian’s friends have posted the happy news that they have won the contract on multiple platforms, there are still a few winners. I believe there are still many friends who played like Xiaobian and steadily got 0 kills. After all, the Tmall Little Black Box sold out almost in seconds!

The second was the SNKRS China App and the Nike App. After 15 minutes of waiting, they finally received a sincere apology from Nike.

I was able to re-stock the Tmall flagship store in Jordan at 9 o’clock this morning, which is also considered to have calmed the hearts of some of my friends who were hurt late at night.

Currently in the secondary market, women’s sizes only stay at RMB 1600 – RMB 1,900, while men’s sizes are around RMB 2000, while some larger sizes will cost around RMB 2400 – RMB 2,800.

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