Ronnie Fieg Officially Appointed as New York Knicks Creative Director

Ronnie Fieg, founder and CEO of KITH, was officially appointed as the first creative director of the NBA team New York Knicks. Fieg’s past creations are deeply rooted in the field of basketball and the local culture of New York, and now taking on this important role is like a dream come true.
Over the past two years, Ronnie Fieg has designed the City Edition Jersey for the New York Knicks, including the latest season design announced recently, and the collaboration with Knicks also played a significant role in KITH’s previous co-branded series. Today, Fieg, which has been given a heavy responsibility, will lead and develop more projects to help the brand and local community culture receive more international attention, thereby increasing popularity.
Regarding the New York Knicks’ City Edition jerseys this season, Ronnie Fieg revealed that he was inspired by the 1999-2003 jersey style, and explained the reason for the cooperation between the two sides. He explained that Knicks felt KITH’s immense passion for creativity in the partnership. He hoped to turn this passion into a discussion of Knicks’ significance to the NBA and the world, and created with this ideal and some special starting point The thing.

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