RIMOWA Announces Joint Launch of Joint Luggage and NFT with RTFKT

RIMOWA is committed to opening up innovative possibilities through various collaborations Announced a partnership with RTFKT to combine physical craftsmanship with virtual realms.
The collaborative project will bring a range of NFTs, limited edition suitcases, and collectible mechs, providing a unique metaverse experience for RIMOWA fans and WEB3 collectors. The two parties will jointly create a limited number of 888 Original Cabin suitcases worldwide, and the suitcases will be the first to appear in the form of 888 NFTs. In this round of cooperation, RTFKT and RIMOWA jointly conceived an interactive promotional campaign. Users needed to solve multiple levels, find the “RIMOWA x RTFKT Space Station” that was invaded by the hacker, and restart the space station before they could mint a limited edition NFT.
After the game, the brand will host an exclusive online event for NFT holders to mint assets in exchange for physical suitcases. This suitcase is decorated with multiple pixelated patterns, including different versions of the RIMOWA and RTFKT logos. The product design is based on the popular culture of anonymity and false identity in the virtual world. The foundry event will also launch additional assets designed by both brands, including four virtual avatar gear that can be used in the RIMOWA metaverse, where physical suitcases were born. In addition to virtual and physical suitcases, the collaboration project will also bring 2,222 collectible mechs NFTs. NFTs designed by RTFKT will become space mechanics in the RIMOWA x RTFKT metaverse.
Users will be invited to the “RIMOWA x RTFKT Space Station” on October 27, and interested readers may wish to check out the details.

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