RepsFinder The release date is here! The latest physical exposure of “sesame paint strips”!

The beginning of August ushered in the annual Yeezy Day. I don’t know what shoe models everyone has started What?

This year’s Yeezy Day not only brought back the “first generation” Yeezy Boost 350, but at the same time, Kan Ya’s series of sassy actions directly filled the conversation.

And right after Yeezy Day, the Yeezy series has maintained a very high frequency of new products being sold. Recently, there was a brand new “paint strip” Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

The overall color is earth as the main tone, similar to khaki, The sand-colored or sesame color scheme, combined with the sideways black paint strip design, is called a “sesame paint strip” by netizens.

Judging from the physical foot effect that has just been revealed, the entire pair of shoes is biased towards light colors in terms of color design.

Therefore, in the current season, feet have refreshing and versatile properties.

In addition to the fact that the Boost series has a popular soft feel, it is expected that it will be very popular once it goes on sale.

However, as a newly designed paint strip color scheme, it is classic It’s definitely not as good as the previous paint strip.

However, in terms of appearance in the past, plus the current state of the sneaker ring, it must not be very difficult to get started after the sale, so you might want to pay more attention.

It is reported that the brand new Adidas Yeezy The Boost 350 V2“ Slate” will officially go on sale on September 3, priced at $230, and we’ll keep an eye on it and bring follow-up reports as soon as possible.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2“ Slate”
Item Number: HP7870
Sale Date: September
3 Sale Price: $230

Pic Via: Yankeekicks
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