RepsFinder The OW x AF1 hidden color scheme is really cool! Kind of like an LV partnership!

Two new versions of OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 Mid appeared this summer, sparking discussions across the internet.

The new upper material, the exaggerated dissolve+ spikes design, and the coquettish contrast color, such a special design is really difficult for many players to accept.

Today’s market prices are also quite friendly, and some sizes can be bought for 5,600 yuan.

I didn’t expect that this shoe type also has a hidden color scheme, and recently the footprints were revealed again. I don’t know if everyone can accept it this time.

The upper material returns to traditional leather material, and is the most classic pure white shape, which is more simple than the previous two models.

Continuing OFF-WHITE’s signature double lacing system, it enhances the sense of design.

The most special thing is the OFF-WHITE graffiti on the side of the shoe body. The visual effect is quite similar to the LV x Air Force 1 mid-top plaid model.

The inside of the upper still has explanatory text elements, with detailed accents such as orange, and is still quite characteristic of Virgil’s design.

The sole is still designed with dissolve+ studs, but the spikes are also pure white, which is quite a bit lower than the contrasting colors of the previous two models.

The upper foot effect is better than the previous two models. Will everyone pay for it this time?

It is reported that it will go on sale this year, but there is no exact date yet. The price is $185. We will keep an eye on the details and bring the latest news as soon as possible.

OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Force 1 Mid“ Graffiti”
Item Number: DE0500-100
Sale Date:
2022 Sale Price: $185

Pic via: Yankeekicks
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