RepsFinder The market price of “Mars Shoes” 4.0 is less than 5,000! The new color scheme tastes just right!

Nike and artist Tom Sachs created the “Martian Shoe” series It can be said to be one of the most special co-brands, and it is also the “sky-high price theme” of the sneaker industry.

The first generation 1.0 was definitely a god-level presence. The 2.0 version currently has a market price of tens of thousands of yuan, and “Mars Shoes” 3.0  has surprised players quite a bit with its high playability.  

“Mars Shoes” arrived this year In the 4.0  version, although many players have spouted that this design is a bit perfunctory, the current market price of 42 yards is as high as 4,000, and it seems that the gold sign “Mars Shoes” still works well.

Recently, the new color scheme of “Mars Shoes” was released in kind. I have to say that this time it finally tastes right.

The whole pair of shoes changed their previous alternative look, in terms of material It is covered with suede, mesh, and hot melt materials to create a very simple visual effect.

The color scheme is presented in earth tones, which symbolize Martian soil. It has excellent recognition and full personality. The sole, midsole, and outsole are decorated in different shades of brown, which complements the overall color scheme.

There are no previous generations in the “Mars Shoes” 4.0 look So cool, but it greatly reduces the difficulty of everyday matching. How many points can you give to this new color scheme?  

According to the latest news, it will go on sale this year at a price of $110. We will continue to pay attention to whether it will go on sale in subsequent countries and bring reports as soon as possible.

Tom Sachs x Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe
Item No.: DA6672-201
Sale Date: 2022
Sale Price: $110

Pic via: kicksdong
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