RepsFinder The “invisible rich” in the circle of friends can be washed away! Supreme x Rolex Co-branded Watch Leaked!

Co-branded Maniac Supreme was just reported to be with LOUIS VUITTON has embarked on a second major partnership, scheduled for this winter. Five years have passed since the last time the two companies first joined forces in 2017, so I can’t wait to see it!

Recently, another big news came to light, according to Supreme Senior disclosure account Supreme DROPS revealed that Supreme will join hands with the world’s luxury watch brand Rolex to create a joint Oyster Perpetual Date watch this winter, which is a surprise.

Judging from the fictional image of the single product released so far, the watch will have a silver-colored stainless steel structure with Supreme’s signature bright red dial, which is clearly highlighted by the white Supr lettering.

12 o’clock position inlay with gold Rolex The five-finger crown logo and the 3 o’clock position is placed as a calendar window. The dial details are also printed with white English letters co-produced by Oyster Perpetual Date and Supreme.

And I’m guessing the Supreme’s iconic Box logo is definitely missing on the back of the front.

In 2013, Supreme made a very small number of customized versions of the Black Water Ghost Rolex  Submariner without a calendar window. Since it is limited to family and friends, it rarely appears in the resale market. Last year, a second-hand color item appeared, asking for as much as 10W US dollars, which is equivalent to 70W yuan.

And this time, if the rumor comes true, it will be the first time that the two parties have sold it publicly The version is out, and I expect there aren’t a few bosses who want to get started!

Currently, the official sale information and pricing have not been released yet. I believe both the pricing and the market conditions will be quite gorgeous. Interested Big Cousins must pay more attention!

Pic Via: Supreme DROPS
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