RepsFinder The “Dare to Rush” Anta City Party was fully launched, activating Lu Chong’s new proposition

Focus on the moment and boldly rush! The Anta Lu Chong City Party is in full swing, and the first stop in Shanghai is successful, and will land in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Furthermore, the online “Lu Chong First Experience Challenge” calls on more people who love sports to enjoy the joy of racing the city together.

At the

Shanghai event, many Lu Chong enthusiasts, media, and bloggers joined together to “punch”. We challenge ourselves, break through more possibilities, and jointly interpret everyone’s own “Dare to Rush”. Along with the increasing popularity of the Lu Chong movement, more and more urban youth are taking to the streets to become members of the wave chasing the waves. The “Dare to Hit” Andaluchong City Party was inspired by their passion for sports. Anta star footwear models “take control” and “flame” are constantly being mentioned. The head of the A-Shock technology provides good cushioning and rebound effects. The wear-resistant and non-slip design to protect Lu Chong to protect Lu Chong. The new Lu Chong city party special color scheme further reshapes the retro aesthetics, making it the first choice of equipment to accompany young people to “boldly rush”.

A number of fun tournaments opened at the BFC Bund Financial Center, which undoubtedly set off the climax of this event. Many street enthusiasts gathered. Not only was Lu Chong Xiaobai able to experience the open class live, but also the Wavebank individual race and the Pumpeway Men’s and Women’s Fun Race. Anta Lu Chong City Party will also launch in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Nanjing from November 19 to 20. The Beijing Hop Seng Hui Store on November 19; the Shenzhen Qianhai Yifangcheng Store and Nanjing Qiaobei Hongyang Plaza Store will also be on sale offline one after another on November 20, so stay tuned.

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