RepsFinder The “aircraft” slippers, which have a bursting foot feel, are going to be co-branded! Sale details revealed!

UZIS, two major brands that have been rising in popularity in recent years, have joined forces with STAGROUP. Bringing the first joint name of both parties!

Inspired by the classic work “NEVER LAND” by English writer· J.M. Barrle (J.M. Barrle), it conveys an enterprising spirit of staying curious about life, always exploring, and never landing ashore.

Covering a variety of items, including slippers, T-shirts, shorts, and socks, in terms of color Navy blue and sunshine yellow, are used as the main theme. Navy blue represents the depth, mystery, and aspirational exploration of space. Sunshine Huangze represents hometown, sunshine, motivation, and enthusiasm.

Among them, UZIS“ THE STEP” The slippers continue the unforgettable sci-fi streamlined shape of the aircraft. The sole is made of UZIS UZIS“” supercritical cushioning material, and PEBAX physical foam molding makes it lightweight and comfortable to bounce back.

S star rudder printed on the inside of the heel, representing STA sailing Training Association; STAGROUP is printed on the outside to highlight the joint identity.

Another navy-colored sole printed with STA Classic “The” words IN YOUR FACE are printed, and the soles, which are mainly sunny yellow, are printed with the“ words” NEVER Landing.

Two themed color short sleeve t-shirts with a footprint on the front “ THE STEP” slippers, with the theme of sailing in space.

Both brand logos are printed on the right side of the shorts, and the theme of this co-branded series is printed on the left side of the back pattern.

In addition to this, UZIS classic jerseys added this joint name EXCLUSIVE: NEVER LAND, embroidered with the words STA and UZIS LOGO, navy blue and sunshine yellow still permeate it.

It is reported that this time UZIS x STAGROUP is co-branded The series will go on sale on August 20 and will consist of two parts: online and offline.

At 10 a.m., the UZIS platform launched across the entire network. At 11 a.m., UZIS Tmall, Douyin, and Jingdong went on sale simultaneously. On the same day, STA 4 city stores: Shenyang, Chengdu, Chifeng, and Xi’an will be sold offline. Interested friends must prepare in advance to get started.

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