RepsFinder Space Odyssey Association, UZIS x STAGROUP released a joint series

Recently, UZIS and STAGROUP collaborated to bring their first joint name. This time, the product theme is “NEVER Landing,” inspired by the classic work of British writer J.M. Barrle, Neverland, a childlike haven, and people yearn for. Through this collaboration, the two brands also aim to convey the enterprising spirit of maintaining curiosity about life, always continuing to explore, and never landing.


terms of product colors, navy blue and sunshine yellow are used as the theme color scheme: navy blue represents depth, mystery, and aspirational exploration of space; sunshine yellow represents hometown, sunshine, power, and enthusiasm. This time, the joint design is based on UZIS “THE STEP” slippers. The sole uses UZIS “UFO” supercritical cushioning material, and PEBAX physical foam molding, lightweight and comfortable to rebound; the S star rudder is printed on the heel, representing the STA sailing training association; the heel of the shoe is printed with the word STAGROUP; the sole of the shoe is printed with navy blue as the main color STA’s classic words “IN YOUR FACE” is printed on the soles of shoes with sunshine yellow as the main color.

Two themed t-shirts and shorts were launched at the same time. Both are printed with the printed pattern of this co-branded series. The color scheme is also mainly based on the theme color. Adding to UZIS’ classic jersey, the joint name SATIS’ NAVY BLUE AND SUNSHINE YELLOW still permeate it, making the foot feel fresher and more comfortable to wear.

It is

reported that this series will go on sale at Dewu, UZIS Tmall, Douyin/Jingdong stores, and STA Shicheng stores on August 20, so stay tuned.

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