RepsFinder Salomon x GR10K Quest Low to be sold domestically this week

Salomon once again teamed up with Italian functional fashion brand GR10K to create a shared line. This fall and winter, the two sides will bring Salomon x GR10K Quest Low collaboration shoes to explore the pursuit of freedom in a utopian urbanization plan. In this collaboration, GR10K proposed the concept of “tactical boots worn in non-tactical scenes” for Salomon Peugeot’s tactical boot type Quest shoe model, exploring the commonality of tactical design language and “uniform” in the urban order, and created this Salomon x GR10K Quest Low. The shoe model is built around the illusion of two types of urban utopian wearers: the urban player who shuttles through extremely complex city buildings, and the extreme drummer in the 90s Grunge culture scene.

At the shoe design level, in addition to being low-cut on classic Salomon Quest tactical boots, the GR10K combines (de-) stylized historical freedom and modern consciousness related to sneakers. It is boldly transformed with the experimental and avant-garde visual experience unique to the GR10K. Salomon’s trademark area becomes a black ghost icon to pay homage to the Grunge culture of the 90s. In terms of color, both sides chose pure black as the main color, and the sole is shown in dark brown, one of the common colors of GR10K. Coupled with the light grey quick strap system, it is embellished with red details, adding a sense of hierarchy to the shoe model.

Salomon x GR10K Quest Low will be officially sold in designated stores on October 15. Those who want to get started may wish to follow the information posted through official channels.

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