RepsFinder Randomevent and Mizuno launch the 2022 Autumn/Winter Co-branded Collection

Randomevent teamed up with Mizuno this season to bring the 2022 Autumn/Winter Co-Branding Series. The theme concept for this round of collaboration was “IT’S BOTTOM OF THE 9TH.” Their creative inspiration comes from the second half of the final game of a baseball game, which is the key tiebreaker. Through an attitude interpretation of this competitive spirit, this collaboration will encourage people to maintain their belief in victory and motivation to move forward even in the face of difficult situations. The collaboration brought clothing items such as baseball jackets, hoodies, long-sleeved T-shirts, casual trousers, knitted trousers, and sweaters. At the same time, they also brought a pair of Wave Solar co-branded shoes, following the classic 90s retro running shoe style, with a strong contrast between black and green to highlight the race style. The upper is made of a combination of materials such as mirrored leather, fleece, mesh wrap reflective, and TPU. The expression surrounding velcro and text embossing also vividly showcased the theme of this collaboration from multiple levels and perspectives.


is reported that the Randomevent x Mizuno co-branded series will debut on August 22 in the Randomevent official applet and offline stores, and will also log in to the Randomevent official online flagship store from August 26; Mizuno official The channel will release the clothing line on August 22, and the Wave Solar collaboration shoes will draw lots on September 6 on the Mizuno official platform. Interested friends should not miss it.

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