RepsFinder “Prince Zhan” Brownie signs with Nike! Netizens: Hook the second generation!

Q: What’s the experience of being an NBA superstar as a dad?

Brownie: I asked Travis Scott to sing for me personally for my birthday. The fact that Travis Scott performed on Brownie’s 18th birthday a……

few days ago has already hit all major social media, and I’m sure everyone has heard of it.

▼  Travis Scott presents a song at Brownie’s birthday party

After all, he is the· eldest son of NBA superstar LeBron James. With the support of his father’s aura, he has always been in the spotlight on and off the court.

This special status brings not only a“ superior” life, but also contains great commercial value. Xiaobian will give you an example, as you will know.

Brownie, who is just an adult, has close to 7 million Ins fans, and is even taller than many NBA stars. Every single move is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Also, as an ordinary four-star American basketball high school student, Brownie was able to broadcast his game from all over the United States. This treatment is really unique.

Now that he’s 18 years old, he has more freedom in activities such as brand endorsements, and can create more commercial value.

The summary is: Brownie is a huge untapped“ gold mine”.

Finally today, Brownie took her first step into adulthood: officially signing an NIL contract with Nike (name, image, portrait rights).

Dad James also announced this happy news to everyone for the first time, announcing the birth of the first “hook generation” in history!

I believe that as Brownie’s basketball career develops, Nike will make more and more moves on him, exclusive PE? Signature shoes? Everything is worth looking forward to!

We will also continue to pay attention and bring the latest reports as soon as possible!

Pic via: Bronny/KingJames/Complex
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