RepsFinder Nike’s “Day of the Dead 2022” hidden shoes revealed! Release date confirmed!

After a year of waiting, this year’s Nike “Mexican Day of the Dead” themed sneaker series is finally here!

Following the previous triple-double Dunk High, Air Max 1, and Air Force 1 Low, the last pair of Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT finally appeared!

Let’s take a look at Dunk High. The upper frame is covered in a large area of pumpkin-colored, while the rest is filled with traditional Mexican totems.

Adding lychee skin to the fabric adds a rich texture level while also making the whole more ethnic.

The second pair, the Nike Air Max 1, is still the same material and color scheme as the previous pair, keeping the theme unified.

The difference is the fleece part that surrounds the body of the shoe, and the Mexican totem is embossed on the top, but the style is different from the previous pair, making people’s eyes shine.

The third pair, Air Force 1 Low, is a bit simpler than the previous two.

There is still no shortage of Mexican totems and special logo embellishments all over the shoe body, but it’s not too dramatic, and the whole thing is more suitable for everyday wear.

The last pair of Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFTs is a simple gray-pink combination, and the top is covered with dark lines of a series of themes.

According to the latest news, the first Air Max 1 in Nike’s “Mexican Day of the Dead 2022” series will debut on October 18, and the remaining three pairs of shoes will debut on October 22.

The sale price has not been released yet, so if you like it, please keep an eye on our follow-up report!

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