RepsFinder Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS collaboration series officially released

In November of this year, Soulgoods, a trendy store in China, teamed up with Nike for the first time to jointly launch three Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS footwear models, drawing inspiration from the local youth culture of the 80s, 90s, and 00s respectively. Wu Yue, the creative director, created with the theme of the three cultures of basketball, music, and art that were popular in those times. Influence, showing China The pioneering face of young people.

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80s, Nike Dunk began to shine on American college basketball courts. At the same time, under the influence of basketball stars and NBA game videos, basketball became popular in mainland China in the 80s. Ji Ming was born in Beijing in the 80s, and basketball was also his sneaker enlightenment. Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS “80’s” is inspired by local Chinese basketball culture in the 80s, and goes back to the overall style of the 80s. The color scheme is inspired by the Nike Mac Attack shoes born in the same era, and also pays homage to this classic work; the retro “NIKE” on the upper side and the “SOULGOODS” on the heel highlight the joint identity while also evoking the joint identity People remember the times of Chinese basketball sports culture.

Street culture and music are inseparable. Local Chinese rock in the 90s was a singing era, and it also led to the flourishing development of youth culture at that time. Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS “90’s” uses local music from the 90s as the starting point for its creation, and uses the cover style of a local Chinese rock album that Ji Ming and Wu Yue loved together as a source of color inspiration. The upper is made of a large area of nubuck leather, and the all-black sole also pays homage to the style worn by young people in the 90s. The tongue and side of the shoe have the “Soul Tiger” print and embroidered logo brand logo respectively, which explains the mainstream youth attitude of the 90s – freedom.

Around the 00s, Nike Dunk became the darling of skateboarding enthusiasts, and now it plays a vital role in promoting trendy culture. Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS “00’s” draws inspiration from the highly artistic Dunk SB shoe models of the early 00s. For Wu Yue, Dunk High is like a canvas that can realize his artistic expression and that of SOULGOODS. The words “Never Change” and “Always Change” on the side of the shoe give the sneakers their original brand spirit and encourage young people to express themselves bravely.


Nike Dunk High x SOULGOODS series will be on sale through the SNKRS app and SOULGOODS store starting in November and December.

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