RepsFinder MLB’s new fall and winter products are just on sale! We have all the costumes you want!

As fall and winter approaches, everyone’s daily street wear has changed quite a bit, but balancing warmth and style has always been the goal of trendy players.

Recently, MLB continued the“ theme of” fleece youth and launched a new 2022 autumn/winter sheep fleece and down series, including MONOGRAM presbyopia fleece and down jackets, basic lamb fleece and down jackets, and down vests to meet players’ needs for a warm winter day out on the streets.

▼ MLB trend brand ambassador aespa upper body interpretation

New short down jackets from the Geometric Presbyopia series and the rhombus pattern series have been launched, as demonstrated by WINTER and GISELLE’s upper body.

The KARINA upper body is a long white down jacket. The slim fit with an over-the-knee length is believed to be one of the ideal winter outfits for girls.

NINGNING  wears a short moonlight grey down jacket embellished with the Boston team logo, with a hint of detail.

MLB fashion brand ambassador Xu Jiaqi’s upper body is a lambswool jacket. Klein blue and lamb fleece are boldly blended, and paired with LA (Los Angeles Dodgers), it gives off a distinct brand identity.

Currently, the new MLB 2022 autumn/winter fleece and down series have now been launched one after another in MLB brand offline stores and MLB brand Tmall flagship stores. Interested friends can copy the Amoy password below to get started.

MLB men’s and women’s couple down vest
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MLB Men’s and Women’s Couple Short Down Jacket
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MLB official flagship store
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