RepsFinder Made old tomorrow, PUMA’s brand new RIDER FV shoes are now on sale

PUMA launched a brand new RIDER FV shoe model, which collided with retro shoe types with pioneering aesthetics, and opened tomorrow’s old fashion. Together with #上道 #!上世纪 in the 80s, the jogging trend emerged on the streets. At that time, the RIDER family emerged, and was widely favored by runners with its comfortable foot feeling and superior performance.

This PUMA RIDER FV shoe model follows the retro jogger structure and injects futuristic inspiration. The classic runway on the side is reinforced to shape the body line, and suede is intertwined with plaid leather to interpret the old tomorrow.

In terms of the series catalog, the brand invited four artists from different fields to interpret retro from the perspective of a new generation. They were film photographer Feifei, artist Kuroko, fashion craftsman One by One, and music up owner Zhou Yang to interpret different colors of RIDER FV shoes with their own charm.

The shoes are now available in PUMA specialty stores, global designated retail stores, the brand’s official website, Tmall PUMA official flagship store, and the “PUMA Official Mall” WeChat Mini Program. Interested friends can go to shop for it.

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