RepsFinder Li Ning’s “Joint Name of the Apes” is back! It’s still a new shoe model you haven’t seen before!

Last year, Li Ning brought a very surprising wave of joint names. For the first time, Li Ning collaborated with “Head of the Apes” AAPE to launch popular shoe models such as Yu Shuai 14 and Rebel 2.

After a year, just in time for AAPE to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, the two sides should hit it off again, bring a new wave of co-branded shoes, and officially launch it!

What’s even more surprising is that this time, Li Ning jointly selected Li Ning’s new skateboarding shoe model,—— Yuigo GOLDEN, to build on.

Compared to the previous Yuigo Pro, the appearance of Yuigo GOLDEN is more similar to the current most popular “bread shoe” look.

The signature fat tongue and widened laces are the main features, and combined with the prominent AAPE logo woven label, unleashes a unique street style.

The biggest feature of this co-branded model is that it combines AAPE’s signature camouflage elements with the new Double A Lightning Logo launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

The toe cap and sideways KPU process incorporates AAPE camouflage, and is presented in a three-dimensional linear process, reflecting street trend art while improving wear resistance.

The leather laser camouflage pattern on the back is combined with the bubble-shaped AAPE MOONFACE flattering logo to highlight the joint identity with playful details.

The midsole’s DUAL cushion comfort system provides a good cushioning foot feel and wearing experience, meeting a variety of needs such as skateboarding and everyday wear.

In addition, the shoe model also comes with a silver camouflage commemorative shoebox, which shows that the specifications are high this time.

According to official information, on October 15, Yuigo GOLDEN× AAPE 10th anniversary co-branded limited-edition shoes will be launched at AAPE designated specialty stores, Douyin official flagship stores, and special AAPE brands.

China’s designated Li Ning specialty store, Li Ning flagship store, WeChat Mini Program Mall, Tmall official flagship store, and Jingdong official flagship store all appeared simultaneously. If you like it, don’t miss it!

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