RepsFinder “Legendary Tech” returns! Back then, I was always asking how did my feet feel? There’s finally no more snow hiding this year!

Recently, another “legendary technology” in the sneaker industry has returned after many years of absence!

Back then, when many people saw TRINOMIC cushioning technology, they were particularly curious about the foot feeling?

After years of hiding in the snow, I finally experienced the feeling of TRINOMIC cushioning technology on my feet today.

▼ Real shot of Xiaobian’s upper foot



Legendary technology returns to the
lightweight sneaker choice +1

TRC Blaze Court,
which has been quietly on the shelves for a while now, can definitely be called a “treasure sneaker.”

Why do you say this? First of all, the weight of a single shoe is only about 350 grams (size 42), which can be said to be quite lightweight as a mid-top shoe.

The second is the integration of PUMA’s legendary TRINOMIC technology, giving many players who were curious about this technology back then a chance to make up for their regrets back then!

▼Brand New PUMA TRC Blaze Court

And speaking of TRINOMIC cushioning technology, it can be said that it has a big start, dating back to In 1990, he played an important role in the PUMA family.

As the most advanced cushioning technology back then, TRINOMIC was born because traditional EVA foam soles could no longer meet the needs of people at the time, and modular and unitized midsoles gradually became mainstream.


TRINOMIC’s triangular logo represents: cushioning, stability, and flexibility.

The hexagonal stable structure is embedded in the midsole forefoot and heel area to relieve pressure load and provide efficient feedback. The conspicuous honeycomb shape is the predecessor of the later PUMA CELL technology.

▼ TRINOMIC cushioning technology

Since a significant part of the midsole has been dug up, TRINOMIC technology has another major advantage That is, the weight of the shoe has been reduced to a great extent, without sacrificing the stability and support of the entire pair.

As a result, the optimal balance of cushioning, stability, and flexibility was achieved. PUMA technology dominated in the 90s and was widely used in basketball shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, and soccer shoes.

▼ TRINOMIC for a wide range of applications

The new TRC Blaze Court is inspired by PUMA Legendary street shoe Blaze of Glory.

▼ Inspired by Blaze Of Glory

First to be used as a PUMA HOOPS basketball shoe (PUMA HOOPS) Shoes with TRINOMIC elements pay homage to the classics while also inheriting the genes of being handsome and playable.

▼ Brand New TRC Blaze Court

Kyle (Kyle), an important· spokesperson for PUMA Kuzma) and Mikey· Williams (Mikey Williams) and others will also compete in the TRC Blaze Court next season.

▼ Mikey· Williams on foot TRC Blaze Court

In the training photos that came to light earlier, Kuzma has taken the lead in unmarketed color matching, showing these shoes from multiple angles!

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