RepsFinder Last time I lined up to buy it at a higher price! Adi’s “ace shoe style” is back! The new color scheme is so cool!

In addition to Yeezy receiving attention from trendy players, I would like to ask what other series can sneaker players do Crazy, it’s better than NMD_R1, which debuted in 2015.

With the feel of the Boost soft bullet and the classic red and blue blocks, it gained a phenomenal level of topicality at the time.

In fact, over the past few years, Adi has been launching new shoe models for the NMD series. Last year, the exaggerated shape of the NMD_S1 caught the attention of many players as soon as it came to light.

Recently, Adi brought a high-value “Black Samurai” NMD_S1, but now it’s not very difficult to get started.

▼ Real shot of Xiaobian out of the box

The upper is presented in the shape of a uniformly woven sock cover, and the different density of the woven texture brings a better fit to the foot feeling.

The inside of the toe cap is reinforced with a hot-melt fit to enhance support and durability.

cylindrical shoelaces with 3M reflective laces and a collar buckle The embellished suede clover label adds a sense of layering to the simple shoe body.

The side of the shoe is a stitching of two materials, each of which is transparent yarn and hot-melt patches to further enhance the breathability of the entire pair of shoes.

The collar of the shoe uses a denser edging treatment, which is rough The woven striped heel can be used as a shoelace, making it easier to put on and take off.

The mid-bottom part continues the traditional sense of technology in the NMD series, and at the same time Using more aggressive design language, the diamond-shaped bulge of the shell pays homage to the rubber component embedded in the NMD_R1 midsole.

What’s most surprising is that the rubber pattern on the sole is covered with a clover pattern, and the Boost material can be seen through the holes.

As a pair of sneakers that made many people line up back then to buy, This upgraded version is even more compatible.

▼ Real shot of Xiaobian on foot

Choose a pair of ink-splashed jeans to fully show off the look of the shoe while giving off a decent street style.

Full palm boost material support, combined with front and back High midsole shape, no need to worry about foot feel.

In terms of size, Xiaobian personally tested it. Friends with wide feet can Choose half a size to get started.

Currently, the brand new NMD_S1 is already on sale, pricing It’s¥ 1,499 yuan, so players who like it may wish to pay attention.

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