RepsFinder Kan’s new look is “bright and blind”! Do you know Ouyang Nana’s new shoes on her feet?!

Speaking of the “humanoid lawnmower” in the trendsetting circle, Ouyang Nana definitely stands in the pyramid in this field One of the top people.

Not only is the stage beautiful and novel, but everyday wear has also become a template for many young girls to emulate.

Recently, a set of photos posted by Ouyang Nana on Ins made Xiaobian feel moved again.

The whole set is loose and comfortable to wear, upper body The oversize shirt is paired with shorts, and the “boyfriend style” of missing underwear makes Ouyang Nana look even more petite and cute.

Naturally, the highlight is this pair of sneakers from FILA on the foot. Currently, you can start with more than 400 sneakers. Whether you wear them as sneakers or step on the heel and turn them into half slippers, it’s a good choice.

FILA Fusing
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Our old friend Bai Jingting also operates frequently. He just got on Crocs “fingerprint shoes” two days ago, and recently released this pair of HIDDEN.NY x Salomon XT-4 with a market price of over 4,000.

The costume on the upper body is also remarkable, not only is it a full set of ancestral birds This jacket is still co-branded by ARC’TERYX x BEAMS, which just came to light.

Continuing the iconic stitching design of the two sides, decorated with earth tones, high-class and trendy.

Nothing catches the eye more than cool hair color and narrow-edged sunglasses I’m afraid the average person really can’t handle this look.

The most important thing is that he seems to have reached a high degree of tacit agreement with Kan’s appearance. Kan Ya also chose sunglasses for her latest outfit.

The metallic silver texture and minimalist shape with a large coverage area are full of sci-fi temperament.

The one you wear on your feet just went on sale in Kokoku this morning Yeezy Boost 700 V2“ Vanta”, I can only sigh that Kan is really sparing no effort to bring goods right now.

Rapper Drake breaks historical records once again, becoming the top 5 most shortlisted artist on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

The one on the top is a CDG with a “panda” color scheme with a market price of around 3,000 x Nike Air Max Sunder Max, I’m also very happy to see this expression.

Pic via: nanaouyang/champagnepapi/Hakkeitei/Younglord 


The above are recent celebrities. What other stars would you like to see in the show?

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