RepsFinder It’s burning! I’ve been looking forward to the “Dragon Ball Z” co-branded phone case! It’s finally on the shelves!

CASETiFY, a global lifestyle brand, can be called a “trend in mobile phone accessories “The ceiling”.

Not only is the quality of the materials used in the workmanship, but it has also repeatedly brought pioneering works in terms of trendy culture.

There have been many wonderful works in recent years, and co-branded collaborations have also included popular IPs such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Disney, and Toy Story.

And I’m afraid the  Dragon Ball Z x CASETiY co-branded series is what trendsetters pay the most attention to.

It includes products such as iPhone cases, Air Pods headphone cases, iPad cases, Apple Watch straps, MacBook cases, etc., and the appearance is a very direct representation of many classic characters.

Goku, Frisa, Pikko, Gohan, and Vegeta all appeared, including “Goku Turtle School Qigong” The phone case also has a flash card effect. In addition to being passionate, it also shows individuality with a dynamic effect.

The case is supported from iPhone 11 to Various models of iPhone 13, including versions that support MagSafe and wireless charging.

We have now logged into the  CASETiFY Tmall flagship store. Interested friends may wish to pay attention.

CaseTiY “Goku Turtle Pie Qigong” phone case

Amoy password ( (Copy the whole section below)
29 ¥Z57L2GHRUCS ¥   CZ0001 Dragon Ball Z x CASETiY [Order Now]

Recently, CaseTiY also teamed up with the new-generation independent illustrator in China, Gai Gai, Calcium-Calcium, a sports-themed co-branded series,“ Happy Free Move”.

The style is fresh, bright, and cute. It brings together a series of sports such as surfing, roller skating, basketball, tennis, soccer, boxing, diving, baseball, fencing, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc., presented in hand-painted techniques, giving people a positive sense of sunshine.

It will log in to the CASETiFY Tmall flagship store on August 28. Interested friends can follow.

CASETiFY Tmall flagship store
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37 yen szf32ghhoee¥   CZ3457 CASETIFY official flagship store

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