RepsFinder Immortals are working again! Owen from the 9th generation to the 8th generation! Netizens: I’m stunned already…

“Suspected 9th generation of” European Immortals at the end of July The signature shoes came to light, causing a buzz among players.

One is because, according to some sources, Owen’s contract with Nike Coming to an end, this new pair may be his last Nike signature shoe.

Second, the incident where Owen raged about his last generation of signature shoes is still alive last year, and players are looking forward to his views on the new generation of shoes.

▼  Owen furious Nike

Finally, some media outlets captured that Owen recently put on his brand new signature shoes while training in Los Angeles .

As you can see, the pair Owen’s upper foot was first exposed The color scheme.

The overall styling style adopts a design with a sense of speed and line compared to previous generations.

Judging from the details previously exposed, there are representatives on the shoes Mother Owen and his daughter’s birthday embroidery.

▼ Owen’s daughter’s birthday is November 23


▼  Owen’s mother’s birthday is August 13

The upper is made of a large area of transparent yarn, and an additional support module is added to the forefoot.

Swoosh’s larger design not only brings a stronger sense of technology, but is also more in line with the current trend of deconstruction.

Judging by Owen’s attitude this time around, there doesn’t seem to be any interest in these new shoes If you are dissatisfied, bring the goods on your feet early on.

But if you really think so, then you don’t really understand “European immortals”!

According to the latest news, the“ official name of this pair of” Kyrie 9 will be Nike Kyrie 8, and the 9th generation will instantly change to the 8th generation!

The reason I’m sure everyone guesses is that it’s because of the European people Refused to acknowledge“ Kyrie 8 last year”.

As a result, Nike had no choice but to“ change the name of last year’s” Kyrie 8 to Nike Kyrie Infinity.

▼  Owen got on top of  Nike Kyrie Infinity last year

And this pair of newly exposed“ Kyrie 9” , logically, it became Nike Kyrie 8.

I don’t know if everyone understands this wave?

It is reported that the new Nike Kyrie 8 will be released this year It was officially released on November 11, and the specific sale price has not been announced yet.

Favorite friends may wish to keep an eye on our follow-up reports!

Nike Kyrie 8
Item No.
: DJ6017-100 Sale Date: November 11

Pic via: hoops_sneakers_/sneakerhighway23/kicksdong
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