RepsFinder I’m afraid it won’t be easy to grab! “Adi’s New Shoes”, which are limited to 300 pairs, look great!

As one of Adi’s classic shoes, Forum 84 is currently in the moment because of its classic retro look Popular circles have always been highly sought after.

The plain color scheme is a plus whether you go out on the street or have a concave look, and the co-branded models have gained a lot of popularity.

Recently, Adi and Singaporean sneaker shop Limited Edt teamed up to bring a very luxurious co-branded kit based on Forum 84 Low.

The design inspiration for the whole pair of shoes is related to flowers, and you can see the lining, Relevant elements appear at the strap as well as on the translucent outsole.

In terms of material, choose suede and leather material coverage, regardless of appearance or texture They are all quite online. The bronzing logo on the side of the shoe is embellished, adding a touch of refinement.

The most special thing is the discoloration effect of the upper surface, which is exposed to ultraviolet rays It turns blue when irradiated, and the floral pattern is more obvious.

In addition to the shoes themselves, there are also plenty of accessories this time around, including A jersey and basketball, also have floral elements, and a card with tiles is also included.

From color inspiration, design details to all kinds of accessories, you can feel both sides Be careful with these shoes.

However, this pair of Limited Edt x Adidas Originals Forum 84 Low“ Singapore Forum is” limited to 300  pairs worldwide. The gift box set is only available at the Singaporean sneaker shop Limited Edt sells 60 pairs.

Interested friends may continue to pay attention. For more information on sneakers and trends, we will be bringing reports as soon as possible.  

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