RepsFinder Hypebeast x Stone Island 40th anniversary limited edition magazine “Famiglia” officially unveiled

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<p>Stone Island continues its series of publications, and now the brand will join hands with Hypebeast to create a limited edition magazine “Famiglia” commemorating its 40th anniversary. It will explore family unity, a spirit that has been ingrained in the brand for the past 40 years. </p>
<p><q>Stone Island CEO Carlo Rivetti: “For us Italians, Famiglia is the mainstay on which this country lives.” </q></p>
<p>In addition to covering the brand’s iconic heritage and long-standing influence on fashion, “Famiglia” will trace its secondary cultural history and how fans around the world have built dedicated communities. The magazine also digs directly into Stone Island’s garment manufacturing process from its materials testing and dyeing lab in Ravarino, providing a broad overview of the brand’s technological innovations. The publication will also interview some of the key people behind Stone Island, including renowned designer Paul Harvey, technical expert Andrea Moro, and brand leader Carlo Rivetti to explain to Hypebeast how Stone Island is today and what kind of future we can look forward to with the brand. </p>
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<p>cover of Hypebeast x Stone Island “Famiglia” magazine is decorated with a polished coating and a 40th anniversary embossed logo. “Famiglia” will be available on October 13 at HBX, Stone Island stores and selected retailers. To celebrate the launch, the brand will host an event at its London flagship store on October 12, during which time it will be exclusively livestreamed on Instagram, so interested readers may wish to keep an eye out. </p>
<p><strong>Stone Island Brewer Store</strong> 79 Brewer Street London W1F 9ZN</p>
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