RepsFinder Gravity is rushing you! When adidas pioneer 4DFWD meets Shanghai-Shanghai Romance Waibaidu Bridge

It was

only after 18 years of data collected from real athletes that we ushered in the pinnacle of Adidas 4DFWD pioneering technology running shoes. The moment for runners is not only a moment to rush to the point, but also a romantic scene along the way. Recently, Adidas invited runners to gather at the Nanjing East Road flagship store in Shanghai to experience the brand-new 4DFWD while experiencing the unique romance of Shanghai.


adidas flagship store on Nanjing East Road has specially created many interactive devices. The theme of “Gravity Leads You to Rush” is not only the new slogan of Adidas 4DFWD but also conveys it to runners through actual experience. The first thing that catches your eye is the Workshop area. As we all know, the butterfly-shaped mesh midsole of 4DFWD can convert vertical pressure into horizontal propulsion, so the grid-shaped printed midsole is also one of the signature characteristics of 4DFWD. The workshop area combines elements such as a butterfly-shaped midsole and a 4DFWD nameplate, and many runners have created their own 4DFWD keychains by hand according to their own inspiration. In the sports interactive area, runners wore 4DFWD to perform activities such as jumping. A strong outsole grip helps runners improve their athletic performance.

After a fun reservation for the interactive installation, all the runners dressed in Adidas 4DFWD began pre-run warm-up activities. The lightweight Primeknit upper structure and 4DFWD outsole made everyone eager to try it out. Starting from the Adidas flagship store on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai, the runners, under the guidance of the coach, experienced the wonderful scenery of running at night in Shanghai along the road. There were both bustling paths and walking along the banks of the Suzhou River, which had a beautiful night view, and headed towards the century-old Baidu Bridge. Although the temperature was still hot at the end of summer, the runners, with the help of Adidas 4DFWD, still ran the Shanghai-Shanghai night route.

“Gravity makes you rush” is not just a catchy slogan, but also every runner’s real experience of Adidas 4DFWD. With unprecedented propulsion and support, no matter where you are on the runway, you are bound to break out with a new attitude and achievements. Currently, the full range of Adidas 4DFWD products is officially on sale. Want to feel the romance of Shanghai and Shanghai like the runners? Maybe you can discover more beautiful scenery by wearing the Adidas 4DFWD.

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