RepsFinder First exposure in kind! White cement AJ3 confirmed reprint! Unusual specs!

This year, Jordan Brand is about to recreate Chicago Air in one go Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2 are two pairs of classics from the first year, making old shoe fans addicted.

Next, the long-awaited white cement Air Jordan 3 is about to be reprinted.

After the news that it will be reproduced next year came out, a physical release was finally released recently.

The white cement Air Jordan reprinted this time 3 Will continue the special specifications of this year’s two pairs of Chicago, and will use a distressed design.

The overall color scheme continues the design of the first year, but the midsole, heel, and lace holes are yellowed to mimic the oxidation effect of the shoe model.

The actual heel was released this time, and it was really a yellowish effect, and it was designed with the Nike Swoosh logo from the first year.

Not only does the shoe model have a distressed design, but it is reported that the shoe box is also like this year’s Like the Chicago Air Jordan 1, it mimics the texture of old shoes.

I’m sure players who love Air Jordan 3 can’t wait. Let’s wait and see how the full real thing looks like.

▼ First year white cement physical object and shoe box

It will go on sale next March 11 for $210.

We will keep an eye on the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Air Jordan 3“ White Cement Reimagined”
Item No.
: DN3707-100 Sale Date: March 11
Sale Price: $ $210

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