RepsFinder Douban 9.2’s “Netflix Divine Drama” is finally co-branded! Open the box and watch on a large scale! I’m afraid it won’t be easy to grab!

Since the first season was released in 2016, “Stranger Things” has taken the world by storm with an unprecedented dark horse attitude, averaging 8.95 in Douban, and the fourth season directly soared to the highest score of 9.2 in the first four seasons!

Exotic Worlds, Superpowers, Thriller, Suspense, Youth, Campus All in one, the intense plot and clear characters portray crazy circles, making people want to stop watching.

The fourth season was extremely popular, and I’m looking forward to the debut of the co-filled shoe model!

Whether it’s the richness of details or the way the design is expressed, it is considered a ceiling-level boutique among the “Stranger Things” co-branded products.




detailed design of the high-score drama co-star is too thoughtful.

This time, Vans x “Stranger Things” is based on the story of the fourth season that has just been released Inspired by infusing iconic elements from the plot into various shoe styles and costumes such as Sk8-Hi Reissue, Style 36, and Authentic.

For die-hard fans of “Stranger Things”, every element of the design has been experienced, and it is a matter of extreme concern.  

▼ Real shot of Xiaobian out of the box

Among them, the Authentic shoe model has an eye-catching contrasting design, which is very flattering .  

▼ Vans x Stranger Things Authentic (¥669 RMB)

The upper is a classic Vans color checkerboard base, and the details are printed with cartoon patterns such as surfer boys, pizza, etc. Playful fonts.

In addition to being refreshing, it also has dazzling rich details, restoring the palm beach of the 80s Comfortable feeling.

Another Style 36 is inspired by the amazing Hellfire Club theme of the fourth season. It was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Club where the main characters joined at Hawkins High School.  

▼ Vans x “Stranger Things” Style 36 (¥799 RMB)

The upper is made of black and red crack print and canvas, and is lined with skulls, axes, and Dungeons and Dragons Throwing stars details.

The well-worn outsole and laces exude a rebellious personality.

The third Sk8-Hi Reissue uses heavy suede fabric to match the shoes The large vine print on the side and reflective screen material form the image of the devil.  

▼ Vans x “Stranger Things” Sk8-Hi Reissue (RMB 899)

The vivid contrast between red and black sets off the classic picture of the protagonist group riding in a scary forest on the inside.

Outsole edging“ Friend The” words Don’t Lie highlight the elements of friendship that “Stranger Things” has always upheld.

The jelly outsole reflects teeth that look like they’re about to be sharpened by monsters “”The visual effect of biting through.

Stranger with reflective screen embossing on the heel The Things Logo comes to an end.

The overall design gives people a visual effect of entering an upside-down world , which perfectly highlights the story elements of “Stranger Things” where the main character group fights against monsters.

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