RepsFinder Does this wave mean it’s full of money?! Early exposure of the new CNY Dunk!

When it comes to which Nike themed series can make domestic players feel a sensation every year, the Nike CNY series definitely has a place.

The CNY series is a series specially launched by Nike for the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year. Its popularity can be called one of the most talked about series at the end of the year.

▼ CNY Dunk Low,  which went on sale at the beginning of the year


recently, a brand new pair The“ physical picture of the Nike Dunk High” Luna New Year revealed that compared to the previous CNY series exposure time, this year is almost two months ahead of schedule!

The whole pair of shoes was chosen in white and gray to create the body. Unlike previous fancy looks, this year’s shoes look particularly low-key and restrained.

In terms of material, it is made of leather and suede. Although the shape is low-key, it does not affect its excellent texture in any way.

The details are also quite in place, with the words “San Francisco” and the Nike Swoosh logo printed in gold on the tongue.

There is also a golden mountain on the back and white clouds. While showing a rich Chinese flavor, it also seems to be blessing everyone’s financial resources rolling in.

Dark green is used as an embellishment for the lining and heel lift of the shoe, giving the originally simple shoe a sense of luxury.

The final finish is a white midsole and a crystal outsole to complete the shoe design.

Currently,“ no specific information on the sale of the new Nike Dunk High” Luna New Year has been revealed. Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we will also report on it for everyone as soon as possible.

Pic via: prvt.selection
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