RepsFinder Dior Scarf in Rice White

Get started quickly! Dior X Kwas is limited to Little Bee. This joint name is a sensation among powerful buyers at the forefront of the fashion industry, and it can be said that money can’t buy it. It’s a very limited edition, and you can only buy it at a higher price! A co-branded item worth collecting!!! As a scarf item in the co-branded series, it’s even more heavily in the middle of the heavyweight (I’ll talk more about this anti-sky craft later!). I was really excited when I got my hands on the actual product. I couldn’t see the purchase or the pictures, because they were all super VIP orders! Purchase-free trading company channel goods ‼️ Super fraudulent. The quality was absolute, and it was only released after several months due to the “unspoken rules” of QC ~ Just like this, two small boxes ‼️ I have been fascinated many times by the texture of the fabric and the contrasting effect during the photo shoot. It really doesn’t just depend on strength and relationships to be able to get this kind of high-end goods. During this period, I talked with QC for a long time about the quality of goods exported to Japan. People who are excited want to cry. Just take it when you see it. It is very difficult for this kind of customer to place an order directly to a trading company and receive the goods. Basically, it’s all done by QC. Fabrics are provided by ghosts, and the gap with domestic fabrics is really huge.

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