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With the outstanding performance of this year’s “National Domination” series, ASICS’s classic shoe shape GEL-SPOTLYTE LOW returns everyone’s vision.

Recently, the V2 upgrade version of this shoe type was released to continue the retro charm while adding more trendy attributes.

It’s about to debut tomorrow. Today, Xiaobian brings the physical unbox+upper foot.

With the legendary star Isaiah· Thomas’s boots are modeled after them.

Compared to the retro basketball elements of the National Domination series, this new version incorporates more street and trendy art attributes.

The biggest change in the shoe body is the addition of a velcro strap on the forefoot Belt.

The brand motto “Sound Mind.Sound Body” is presented in rubber.

In addition to this, it also comes with a leather tag. Previously, it could only be used Luxury brands have seen this kind of design, adding a sense of luxury to their shoes.

The middle of the shoe body and the tongue are made of mesh material, so that The visual effects are more layered.

The midsole continues GEL cushioning and has one of the most comfortable foot feelings among vintage sneakers.

The four color schemes are also quite particular this time, all from the 80s Vintage record cover colors are an inspiration.

It shows a strong sense of age and an avant-garde atmosphere unique to the time.

The blue and black color scheme comes from the imagination of roaming the stars, retro and The future blends, with outstanding texture and rich visual levels.

The white and green color scheme is refreshing and luxurious, just like the city and The collision of the jungle represents a clash between order and the wild.

The blue and white color scheme is matched with bright colors to create a distressed midsole The retro Disco atmosphere is fresh and retro.

The orange-silver color scheme is mainly based on large areas of metal-textured leather, bringing Strong sci-fi charm.

Outstanding texture, comfort and personality, today’s retro sneakers In the midst of the trend, this shoe type is definitely a new choice worth trying.

It will debut on August 20, that is, tomorrow. The sale price is ¥790.

It will be sold through more channels later, so interested players may wish to keep an eye out.

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