RepsFinder ATMOS x DIESEL sneaker series unveiled

Trendy shoe store from Harajuku, ATMOS has teamed up with DIESEL to launch 4 new sports shoes for both indoor and outdoor use. Among them, the “S-PROTOTYPE LOW” model was innovatively created by DIESEL creative director Glenn Martins, showing the future direction of DIESEL footwear. In addition to its unique three-dimensional effect, the graphic design of multiple rubber straps and asymmetrical laces is impressive.

“S-SERENDITARIES SPORT”, inspired by sportswear from the 2000s, uses lightweight, environmentally friendly EVA resin for the sole and introduces a custom atmos color scheme. In addition, this release includes “ATHOS” and “PENDHIO”, which are basic high-top sports shoes inspired by motorsports. Currently, the series has been registered on the ATMOS official website. Interested friends can go and browse the details.

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