RepsFinder Adi’s joint “Hole Shoe” raid hit the shelves! If Kan wants to curse again, he’s really touching porcelain!

As one of the biggest bosses in the sneaker industry, trend circle, and music industry, Kan Ya’s this year’s “ The” the intensity of the whole work went even further!

The official divorce from Kardashian, the bombardment of Nike, the publication of news of joy and sorrow, and the bombardment of Addy… 2022 have shocked players all over the world time and time again.

Recently, Stella McCartney, who has collaborated with Adidas for a long time, brought a brand new pair of sandals of her own design. I wonder if Kanye sees the“ work of” her fellow goalkeeper and wants to export it again?


▼ Stella McCartney  with her father  Paul McCartney

This pair of Adidas by Stella McCartney CLOG sandals use eco-friendly materials derived from sugar cane to build a one-piece shoe body.

The upper is vaguely outlined with three lines complemented by holes, and the Adidas by Stella McCartney logo is embellished on the side.

With the thick layer of texture on the bottom, it’s really the same as Kanye The Foam Runner that set off a new wave of hole shoes is amazing.

However, as a well-known designer who focuses on women, Stella McCartney’s shoes are only available in women’s sizes this time, and the overall look is still based on women’s summer sandals. Actually, the material is just similar. If Kanye doesn’t let go of this, it’s inevitably a bit like touching porcelain.

Currently this Adidas by Stella McCartney Clog sandals have been quietly sold at the official Tmall Adidas flagship store and official website in China. They cover purple, black, and white colors. The official price is¥ 749 RMB, and the size range is 36.5 to 40.5. Fashionable, refreshing, and elevated. Interested little sisters may wish to pay more attention!

adidas by Stella McCartney Clog Item
No.: GW2048 (purple) /GW2050 (black) /GW4365 (white)
Sale Price:¥ 749 RMB

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